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a monthly final fantasy e-magazine
Attention: Please watch the community; do not join it!

This is the update community for Phoenix Down Monthly. All submissions should follow the guidelines below and all submissions should be emailed to phoenixmonthly@gmail.com.

Phoenix Down Monthly is a publication of the best of Final Fantasy fanworks.

  • Issue Layout - This is what we look to accept and offer every month.

  • Submission Forms - Use these forms to submit work to phoenixmonthly@gmail.com.

Phoenix Down Afterdark is geared toward more explicit sexual material (R-NC-17 ratings).
If you feel your submission is too much for Phoenix Down Monthly, this is the magazine to submit to.

  • If you are applying to Phoenix Down Afterdark, please put "Afterdark" in the subject line.

  • All submissions to Afterdark must follow the guidelines in our Submission Forms post.

  • Submit materials to phoenixmonthly@gmail.com.

  • Only ten submissions per month will be accepted to Phoenix Down Afterdark.

All submissions are subject to thorough editorial review, and not all submissions will be accepted. You are responsible for having your work proofread or beta'ed. We will reject any work with blatant grammar or spelling errors.

The editors for this magazine are:
irish_ais, katmillia, first_seventhe, venefica_aura and drakonlily.